About Us

To empower people to reach their full potential mentally, physically, financially & emotionally -- and in so doing, create better leaders, happier people and a more peaceful planet.

Because we seriously care. YOU, as a person, matter!! The welfare and happiness of you as a leader, your partner, your children, the people in your business, your ability to live a happy, fulfilled, personally rewarding life where you get to do what matters to YOU - matters to US! And it IS possible!

Working with business owners and leaders, we provide key tools and strategies designed to create the internal changes that are needed to improve communication and relationships, morale, and personal and professional performance. When people feel better, they do better - and when people perform better, business does better - and everyone wins!

Working together, we are able to make a real difference in the success of your organisation.

Call us today, and ask how we can help you achieve YOUR goals.

Trevor Farmer and Juliane Cowan
Trevor Farmer
Having run a highly profitable Veterinary practice for 14 years in North Queensland, and realising that the stress of working 60 hour weeks to maintain the business was affecting his ability to see his children grow up, Trevor sold the practice, retired, and built a series of sales distribution networks that gave him both time with his family and a six figure income. For more than 30 years, Trevor has studied the principles of ‘Unbreakable Success’ and introspective leadership through various avenues, and has successfully coached others - including world-class athletes and people with severe medical impairments, through his transformational mentoring. The culmination of this work resulted in co-founding ‘The Unbreakable Success Matrix’ with his business partner Juliane and helping organisations to address people performance and culture in the workplace.
Juliane Cowan
Living 500km from the closest urban development in North Queensland where she is raising her four beautiful children and running a large agricultural operation, hasn't stopped Juliane's passion and drive to provide  opportunities for people to gain access to the best chances possible to live an incredible life.
Juliane's pursuit of ‘Unbreakable Success’ started more than 20 years ago whilst in search of personal fulfilment and professional development for her existing businesses.
After many years of relentless self-mastery, discovering that we all have our own personal innate gifts and then applying these success principles in her own life, Juliane has become a leader in her community, and loves to empower others through ‘The Unbreakable Success Matrix’ workshops with her business partner Trevor.